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Show off: Rue the Day tee

rue 2

This little tee only took a week to knit up (and I’m a slow knitter). The lace panel at the top was really fun and also quite easy (a good combination, in my book). The top rolls over a bit, so I might do a crocheted edge to fix it, or I might not. Haven’t decided.

Unfortunately the shirt is a little bit big (wide). I probably should have knit the XS for negative ease, but I seem to have a misconception that I am larger than I think I am so I went for the small. I’m not sure if blocking will help, but I’m hoping it will at least get the bottom to stop rolling up.

Overall, I’d say I am pleased with the outcome, but not overjoyed. Since it’s so quick and easy (and the yarn is very affordable), I could always whip up a second shirt in XS. We’ll see.

rue 5



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Rue the day – in progress

No, I haven’t finished my wool Penelopiad Pullover yet, but I’ve lost momentum because it’s far too warm out to actually wear. Hopefully this weekend I will seam up the sleeves and…pack it away for next winter 😦

So of course I had to start a spring tee, Green Gable. I purchased a lovely color of Cotton Fleece called Rue, and I’m zipping right along.

tee wip

It’s hard to capture, but the color is a dusty greenish blueish shade – you know, sort of like the Penelopiad Pullover, hehe.

tee wip 2 

However, I’m a bit baffled by the math. My calculations do not add up to what’s in the pattern, but I don’t think I made a mistake (this time). I emailed the authors, the Zephyr girls, to see if the pattern is indeed wrong. No response yet, so I’m just going forward with hopes that it doesn’t make too much of a difference in the end.

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Show off: Midnight Cardigan

Hurrah! My cardigan is finally done, and looks good to boot! I wasn’t sure if it would fit (it seemed too long in the sleeves and too short in the body) but blocking really helped and I am happy with the final product.

cardigan 4

The pattern is from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits. To be honest, this isn’t my favorite book, but the patterns are very easy to follow (truly written for the beginner). This is knit flat and then seamed together. I don’t mind seaming, and even like it sometimes, except for fitting sleeves into armholes. I hated that part and that would be the messiest part of this finished sweater. I will opt for raglan in the future.

I also ran out of blue yarn, so I did the neck and button bands in some leftover gray. I actually like it better this way; I like the contrast. Also, while I did knit buttonholes I didn’t have any buttons around that I liked with this sweater. Instead, I pinned it closed with a vintage (lucite?) brooch and I think it gives the overall look a little something extra.

cardigan 2

Most importantly, it fits, it’s warm, and I like it! Not too shabby for a first cardigan, eh? Molly likes it too…

cardigan 1

If you notice all the cat hair stuck to the wool, this would be why. Thank the gods for lint rollers.

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On a more positive note

My cardigan is 95% done! Finally! All I need to do is block the darn thing and add buttons. Blocking is sort of a procedure at my house, because Molly always wants to lay down on every project – no matter if it’s on the floor, the bed, the living room table. She’s persistent…just try keeping her away! Here she is laying claim to the sweater after I finished the seaming.

molly helps me seam

I don’t mind the whole seaming process; I actually sort of enjoy it. EXCEPT for fitting sleeves into armholes. I think from now on I will try to stick with raglans.

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