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I made a sale!

 blanket 2

The baby blanket I was commissioned to knit is finished, and I’m very happy with the results. The lace border was so fun to knit and makes the blanket just gorgeous. It really looks special. Now I am a weirdo who actually sometimes enjoys seaming (I find it meditative somehow) so I knit the border separately and then mattress stitched that sucker on. I gave it a final block, tried shaking out as much cat hair as possible (unavoidable if you live with a herd, like me), and wrapped it up for the customer.

Yes, customer. I’ve never sold a piece of my knitting before, so this was kind of exciting…and uncomfortable. I had no idea what to charge, so I left it up to her. I was perfectly ok with doing it ‘pro bono’ so to say, or maybe for a homemade meal (she’s a great cook), but she wasn’t having it. In the end, I think both parties are very happy with the transaction. I made a sale 🙂 That’s so neat to say!

blanket 3

blanket 4


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Out on a limb

branching out 4

This scarf (Branching Out) took me a very long time to knit, only because I would do a few repeats and put it down for a few…months. Lol. I will say, it wasn’t a very “fun” knit – it took far too much concentration for me, a knitter who likes to multi-task and watch DVDs or listen to audio books whilst crafting. However, I did learn some new skills and techniques (including the lace essential – life lines) so it wasn’t a total bust. Also, I love the finished product. Blocking sure does make a difference in lace and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the scarf looked after a night of blocking.

branching out

It’s a little on the short side – but then again so am I – but I just had to just finish it already. It was a great feeling getting it off the needles finally. And it is quite pretty in person. I’m glad I tackled this lace project, but I don’t think I’ll be making one of these again – at least not any time soon.

branching out 3

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