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I have some catching up to do

It’s been ages since I updated this, I know. Has Ravelry killed the need for a knitting blog? I guess not, since I sometimes do other crafts. In any case, I’ll try to add some entries on projects I’ve completed since the last post over the next couple of days.

My current project is a cabled hat for my brother – a Christmas present. Many months ago, when we were going through some of my grandmother’s old things, he came across a knitted cabled hat (bought from a store) that he loved. Except it was in a girly blue-green color. He off-handedly mentioned that he wanted me to knit him one in a more masculine color. He’s probably forgotten about that, but I haven’t.

I’ll finish this tonight or tomorrow and keep it under wraps until Christmas. That is, if I can tear it away from the cat.

 blick hat 2

Blick really liked this hat wip for some reason. He usually isn’t attracted to my knitting, but maybe it’s because he has higher standards than the other cats. This does have cashmere in it (Rowan Cashsoft).

Luckily Matt has cats too, so he won’t be put off if there are some stray cat hairs left on the final product.


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