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Show off: Midnight Cardigan

Hurrah! My cardigan is finally done, and looks good to boot! I wasn’t sure if it would fit (it seemed too long in the sleeves and too short in the body) but blocking really helped and I am happy with the final product.

cardigan 4

The pattern is from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits. To be honest, this isn’t my favorite book, but the patterns are very easy to follow (truly written for the beginner). This is knit flat and then seamed together. I don’t mind seaming, and even like it sometimes, except for fitting sleeves into armholes. I hated that part and that would be the messiest part of this finished sweater. I will opt for raglan in the future.

I also ran out of blue yarn, so I did the neck and button bands in some leftover gray. I actually like it better this way; I like the contrast. Also, while I did knit buttonholes I didn’t have any buttons around that I liked with this sweater. Instead, I pinned it closed with a vintage (lucite?) brooch and I think it gives the overall look a little something extra.

cardigan 2

Most importantly, it fits, it’s warm, and I like it! Not too shabby for a first cardigan, eh? Molly likes it too…

cardigan 1

If you notice all the cat hair stuck to the wool, this would be why. Thank the gods for lint rollers.


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When yarn makes you smile


I recently started another pair of socks, just a simple rib pattern from the awesome book Getting Started Knitting Socks. (I highly recommend this book for anyone new to sock construction.) I picked up a skein of this yarn from my LYS having never used it before. I liked the combination of blues, ranging from dark navy to medium royal to bright turquoise (with a variegated strip in between). I didn’t realize until I started knitting that it formed perfectly balanced skinny stripes on the leg. Fabulous!

sock wip

Now I just need to make sure I don’t get a case of second-sock sydrome. One of these days I will learn two socks on two circs. But first I need to knit a pair of socks that actually fit!*

*My last pair came out just fine, except a size or two too large 😦

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