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No longer a secret

This year I participated in the Philly Knitters Secret Pal Exchange. It’s a secret swap where Philly Knitters from the LiveJournal group send packages to their “pal” for three months, and then reveal themselves at a party in month 4. The reveal party was this past weekend and it was lots of fun. My lovely giftor was Rosemary aka Cubicalgirl who spoiled me rotten for a few months. Love! I also got to meet someone new as I was the giftor of Angela. Overall, tons of fun.

At the reveal, you give your giftee a final, handmade package. You can see the awesome cabled hat and cat toys that Cubicalgirl gave me on her Ravelry page. I am such a huge fan of cables and the hot pink is so cheery. The cats are definitely enjoying their toys – I’ll need to snap an action shot of Molly with one of the mice…too cute!

I made Angela a sewn tote bag and needle roll (with some added tools and yarn). I’m quite happy with how they came out, even though I’m still a novice sewer. Hey, practice = perfect, right?

 secret pal package

needle roll and tools


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Show off: Pear Sophie

felted bag

I used the awesome Sophie pattern for this bag – a very fun and easy felting project. I have done this before with Cascade 220, but used Patons wool for this one. I must say, the Cascade felts a bit nicer, but I’m still happy with the outcome.

To embellish the bag, I whipped up a fabric yo-yo and sewed on some buttons.


Yo-yos are so fun and simple to make — also a great way to use up leftover fabric scraps.

felted bag 2

And here’s a pic of the Lemon Sophie I did last year.

lemon sophie

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