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I have some catching up to do

It’s been ages since I updated this, I know. Has Ravelry killed the need for a knitting blog? I guess not, since I sometimes do other crafts. In any case, I’ll try to add some entries on projects I’ve completed since the last post over the next couple of days.

My current project is a cabled hat for my brother – a Christmas present. Many months ago, when we were going through some of my grandmother’s old things, he came across a knitted cabled hat (bought from a store) that he loved. Except it was in a girly blue-green color. He off-handedly mentioned that he wanted me to knit him one in a more masculine color. He’s probably forgotten about that, but I haven’t.

I’ll finish this tonight or tomorrow and keep it under wraps until Christmas. That is, if I can tear it away from the cat.

 blick hat 2

Blick really liked this hat wip for some reason. He usually isn’t attracted to my knitting, but maybe it’s because he has higher standards than the other cats. This does have cashmere in it (Rowan Cashsoft).

Luckily Matt has cats too, so he won’t be put off if there are some stray cat hairs left on the final product.


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I made a sale!

 blanket 2

The baby blanket I was commissioned to knit is finished, and I’m very happy with the results. The lace border was so fun to knit and makes the blanket just gorgeous. It really looks special. Now I am a weirdo who actually sometimes enjoys seaming (I find it meditative somehow) so I knit the border separately and then mattress stitched that sucker on. I gave it a final block, tried shaking out as much cat hair as possible (unavoidable if you live with a herd, like me), and wrapped it up for the customer.

Yes, customer. I’ve never sold a piece of my knitting before, so this was kind of exciting…and uncomfortable. I had no idea what to charge, so I left it up to her. I was perfectly ok with doing it ‘pro bono’ so to say, or maybe for a homemade meal (she’s a great cook), but she wasn’t having it. In the end, I think both parties are very happy with the transaction. I made a sale 🙂 That’s so neat to say!

blanket 3

blanket 4

August 26, 2008 at 8:16 pm 2 comments

Oh baby

Blankie wip 3

A coworker of mine asked me to knit a baby blanket for her friend who is expecting. She didn’t have a pattern in mind, but had a few specifications: thinner weight yarn, acryllic, white. Her mother used to crochet baby blankets, so I figured I would do something similar, except with knitting. I decided on a basic garter stitch square with a lacey border – often like what you’d see in crochet.

The garter middle was a bit tedious and I kept fretting that it would be too small (I’ve never done a baby blanket before). This would fly on bigger needles and worsted or heavy yarn, but I’m using size 6 and DK. I finally finished the square a few days ago, and will start on the lace quite soon.

Blankie wip 1

I wasn’t sure about the yarn choice at first (I rarely use acrylic) but it turned out being quite soft and squishy, and looks even better now that it’s blocked. Now, onto the lace…

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(Jay)walk this way

jaywalkers 2

I am truly pleased with my finished Jaywalkers. The yarn is so bright and colorful, and it was a real treat to watch the colors unfold as I was knitting. The pattern itself was awesome – very well written, easy enough for novice sock knitters, and a great end result. Can you tell I loved this project?! It was a breeze and went fairly quick. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

jaywalkers 4

Such vibrant colors!


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Show off: Rue the Day tee

rue 2

This little tee only took a week to knit up (and I’m a slow knitter). The lace panel at the top was really fun and also quite easy (a good combination, in my book). The top rolls over a bit, so I might do a crocheted edge to fix it, or I might not. Haven’t decided.

Unfortunately the shirt is a little bit big (wide). I probably should have knit the XS for negative ease, but I seem to have a misconception that I am larger than I think I am so I went for the small. I’m not sure if blocking will help, but I’m hoping it will at least get the bottom to stop rolling up.

Overall, I’d say I am pleased with the outcome, but not overjoyed. Since it’s so quick and easy (and the yarn is very affordable), I could always whip up a second shirt in XS. We’ll see.

rue 5


April 21, 2008 at 4:45 pm 2 comments

Rue the day – in progress

No, I haven’t finished my wool Penelopiad Pullover yet, but I’ve lost momentum because it’s far too warm out to actually wear. Hopefully this weekend I will seam up the sleeves and…pack it away for next winter 😦

So of course I had to start a spring tee, Green Gable. I purchased a lovely color of Cotton Fleece called Rue, and I’m zipping right along.

tee wip

It’s hard to capture, but the color is a dusty greenish blueish shade – you know, sort of like the Penelopiad Pullover, hehe.

tee wip 2 

However, I’m a bit baffled by the math. My calculations do not add up to what’s in the pattern, but I don’t think I made a mistake (this time). I emailed the authors, the Zephyr girls, to see if the pattern is indeed wrong. No response yet, so I’m just going forward with hopes that it doesn’t make too much of a difference in the end.

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Show off: Stripey Socks

socks 3

Hurrah! The socks are done. I love the colors in this yarn and the thin stripes. I’m pretty happy with the results. I wish they were a little more snug on my feet, but I can live with it.

socks 2


The Sockotta yarn isn’t very soft, but seems like it may be durable. We’ll see after I wear them a few times.

These are my second pair of completed socks, and now I feel like I may want to venture out into something a little more complicated. I’m considering the Jaywalker socks. I love the way they look knit up in Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett, and I just happen to have two skeins of that at home! 😉


April 3, 2008 at 3:25 pm 4 comments

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