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Out on a limb

branching out 4

This scarf (Branching Out) took me a very long time to knit, only because I would do a few repeats and put it down for a few…months. Lol. I will say, it wasn’t a very “fun” knit – it took far too much concentration for me, a knitter who likes to multi-task and watch DVDs or listen to audio books whilst crafting. However, I did learn some new skills and techniques (including the lace essential – life lines) so it wasn’t a total bust. Also, I love the finished product. Blocking sure does make a difference in lace and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the scarf looked after a night of blocking.

branching out

It’s a little on the short side – but then again so am I – but I just had to just finish it already. It was a great feeling getting it off the needles finally. And it is quite pretty in person. I’m glad I tackled this lace project, but I don’t think I’ll be making one of these again – at least not any time soon.

branching out 3


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(Jay)walk this way

jaywalkers 2

I am truly pleased with my finished Jaywalkers. The yarn is so bright and colorful, and it was a real treat to watch the colors unfold as I was knitting. The pattern itself was awesome – very well written, easy enough for novice sock knitters, and a great end result. Can you tell I loved this project?! It was a breeze and went fairly quick. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

jaywalkers 4

Such vibrant colors!


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